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Donegal citizens surveyed and above the maximum safe fluoride levels!

The majority of people surveyed in Donegal
are above the safe fluoride intake level!

This article is from the VOICE IRELAND website - for a free list of 50 bottled waters available in Ireland and their fluoride and mineral contents, please send an email to euesireland@eircom.net.

Seven out of ten people in Co Donegal are getting too much fluoride, says VOICE campaigner Robert Pocock. His comments are backed up by results from a survey involving volunteers from three different fluoridated areas of County Donegal, who monitored their urinary fluoride intake over a 24-hour period.

The survey was carried out by Clane GP, Dr Andrew Rynne who engaged an EU accredited pathology laboratory to obtain the results. Urine samples from Inishowen, Letterkenny and Stranorlar were obtained from people aged between 19 and 68 and evenly split between men and women. 72% of the subjects tested in Co Donegal were at or above the safe intake of fluoride. (1) The safe level was based on the UK Food Standard Agency guideline value based on daily fluoride intake related to body weight. The proportion at or above the safe limit in largely unfluoridated UK is 20%, suggesting that the addition of fluoride to Irish drinking water is completely unjustifiable.

“Of the 32 subjects who volunteered, only nine tested within a safe intake” said Dr Rynne. “This confirms the suspicion that the fluoridation of Irish drinking water is the major contributor to fluoride over-exposure. Several subjects are many times over the stated safe intake.”

These results highlight the negligence of the Health Minister Mary Harney who after over two years in office has still failed to investigate fluoride exposure in the population. In the light of this evidence from three different parts of Co Donegal, her recently introduced Regulation (S.I.42,2007) reducing the fluoride concentration by a small amount on July 1st 2007, is a totally inadequate response to the problem of fluoride over-exposure. (2)
Pocock added “Donegal councillors should now instruct the eleven public water supplies (3) that dose the drinking water of 75,000 people in Donegal with fluoride, not only to turn down the fluoride taps but to turn them off completely. Neither the new Pollen Dam supply that came on stream recently nor the Killybegs supply, where local fishermen refused years ago to allow their fish to be processed with this toxic chemical, are fluoridated. In view of this alarming new evidence, all of Donegal people exposed to fluoridated water supplies are at a risk”.

The national implications of this evidence is alarming since 73% of the population (3 million) are served with fluoridated drinking water, indicating that over two million people could be getting above the safe daily intake of fluoride. (4)There is also plenty of other supporting evidence such as the recent oral health survey revealing that one in three fifteen year-olds have dental fluorosis. (5) This is caused by excessive fluoride during the tooth-forming years. Other recent advice from the American Dental Assocation warns parents not to use fluoridated tap water in infant formula because of the risk of fluorosis. (6)

Since there is no cure or treatment for fluorosis, only prevention, it is obvious that the Health Minister must immediately turn off the fluoride taps across the country.

For more info contact Robert Pocock of Voice Ireland on 086 811 3071


(1) The UK Food Standards Agency has defined under 0.05mg Fluoride per kg body weight per day as the safe intake. The UK National Diet & Nutrition survey (2003) revealed that 20% of the population (19 - 64 yr olds) are above this safe level. While only six million people in England have fluoridated drinking water, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland have all rejected it.

(2) www.voiceireland.org

(3) Fluoridated Public Water Supplies in Co Donegal.
Area Population Area Population Area Population
Buncrana 3,500 Gortahork 4,200 Rosses
Bundoran 6,000 Inishowen E 5,050 Regional 8,000
Cranford 839 Letterkenny 17,000
River Eske 4,500 Lough Mourne17,000
Creeslough 4,000 Milford 4,000

Source EPA The Quality of Drinking Water in Ireland, 2005

(4) www.voiceireland.org Ministers New Regulations Nonsensical.
(5) www.fluoridealert.org/dental-fluorosis.html
(6) North South Survey of Children’s Oral Health in Ireland, 2002 p58-59

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Black Ethnic People Suffer Most from Fluoridation!

Dental Association Disputes Report on Blacks Harmed by Fluorides

This Report mirrors what I am finding in the stats about American Cancer Rates from the CDC - that higher level Fluoridated States have much higher rates of Cancer Deaths for Blacks than lower level fluoridated States - I will continue to research this over the next few weeks and publish further in due course. I am sure this statistic will apply to Aboriginie people, as well.

Story Created: Oct 2, 2007 at 4:21 PM MDT
BELOW IS A VERBATIM PRESS RELEASE FROM THE LILLIE CENTER, INC. THE AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION SAYS THE CENTER IS NOT AN AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE FOR INFORMATION. THE ADA SAYS FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION ON FLOURIDE, GO TO ADA.ORG.The Lillie Center, Inc. Press Release:Fluoride, the controversial chemical added to city water supplies to help prevent cavities, now has three strikes against it in having harmful effects in African Americans. Strike number one: A blue ribbon panel of scientists has identified kidney patients and diabetics as being especially susceptible to harm from ingested fluorides. Blacks suffer disproportionate amounts of kidney disease and diabetes in America. Strike number two: Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows blacks disproportionately at risk for disfiguring teeth damage from fluoride, compared to whites. And strike number three: The American Dental Association and the CDC are now suggesting that parents of newborns may wish to consider using unfluoridated water when mixing infant milk formula for their babies -- but they offer no outreach to tell black parents this information, and no funds to pay for minority and other low-income families to purchase other sources of water.“I know the facts are embarrassing and potentially even lawsuit material against CDC, but it’s not morally right that CDC is not telling African Americans of their multiple, intersecting risks for harm from fluoride,” says Daniel Stockin, a public health professional of The Lillie Center, Inc., a firm working to educate Americans about harm from ingested fluorides. “How does CDC continue to say that fluoridated water is safe and effective ‘for all’? Do African Americans not count?” he asks.Stockin points to disturbing information in a report last year from the National Research Council that acknowledged diabetics and kidney patients to be “susceptible subpopulations” that are especially vulnerable to harmful effects from fluoride ingestion. According to the National Kidney Foundation, blacks comprise 28.4% of kidney failure patients, but number only 13% of the U.S. population. The American Diabetes Association states that African Americans are 1.8 times more likely to have diabetes than non-Hispanic whites. Increased risk from fluoride for kidney patients and diabetics logically points towards increased risk for blacks, Stockin says. Stockin also asks why a chart showing disproportionate harm to African Americans from moderate and severe dental fluorosis, a staining and pitting of teeth indicative of overexposure to fluoride as a child, is buried at the very back of a review published by CDC and has not been shared with the black community.
(See http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss5403a1.htm.)
He also notes that CDC this year quietly added information on a little-noticed web page that mothers of newborns may wish to use unfluoridated water when mixing powdered infant milk formula. ( http://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/safety/infant_formula.htm#1 ) CDC has not issued a press release about the subject. “Millions of parents in minority, low-income, and limited-English communities are affected by CDC’s change in policy, but these families have neither the facts about fluoride nor the funds to pay for unfluoridated bottled water or an expensive home water fluoride removal system,” Stockin says.The bad news about fluoride adds to a growing swell of sentiment against use of the chemical. The influential Canadian city of Quebec has voted to stop water fluoridation. In looking at fluoridation, Alaska’s Juneau Empire newspaper recently wrote, “What about people who are more sensitive to the damaging effects of fluoride than the general population?” Eleven unions in EPA, representing 7,000 EPA lab workers, scientists, and others have called for the immediate nationwide halt to fluoridation. There are petitions now to end fluoridation, and a call for congressional hearings (http://www.fluorideaction.net). So why does CDC continue to promote fluoridation? Why has CDC not responded to the ethics charges its ethics committees received in August concerning fluoridation? And why aren’t black communities being told of their increased risk for harm from fluorides? “Fair questions,” Stockin says. “And disturbing.”

Source: http://www.propeller.com/viewstory/2007/10/05/blacks-disproportionately-harmed-by-fluorides-and-fluoridated-water/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.2news.tv%2Fnews%2Fhealth%2F10188561.html&frame=true