Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bloody Times

In the current tragic situation in Virginia, USA, and considering the rampant violence in American major cities, all of which are fluoridated, it is worth looking again at the studies which show a correlation between fluoridated areas, fluoride derived psychotropic drugs, lead uptake in babies to adults and the high levels of violence and erratic murderous behaviour. Many of the people involved in previous random shootings of this type were found to be taking fluoride based anti-depressant drugs. With love and sorrow for all the victims of violence everywhere.

State - Kentucky (the most fluoridated State -only Washington, D.C. is higher - at 100%)
99.60% % of state fluoridated
59.80% % of caries in 3rd graders

State - Utah (least fluoridated State)
2.20% % of state fluoridated
61.05% % of caries in 3rd graders

State - Virginia (7th most fluoridated State)
95.50% % of state fluoridated
61% % of caries in 3rd graders

Association of SiF Usage with Higher Blood Lead Levels, Rates of Violent Crime, and Substance Abuse
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(1999a) "Water Treatment with Silicofluorides and Lead Toxicity," International Journal of Environmental Studies, 56: 435-49.
First published analysis of data linking silicofluoride treatment of public water supplies with higher uptake of lead, focused on survey of children's blood lead in Massachusetts (by town).
Masters, R. and Coplan, M. (1999b) "A Dynamic, Multifactorial Model of Alchohol, Drug Abuse, and Crime: Linking Neuroscience and Behavior to Toxicology," Social Science Information, 38: 591-624.
Articulation of the linkages between neurotoxicity, brain chemistry, environmental pollution, and behavior (with focus on substance abuse and crime), using data from National Institute of Justice study of drug use in over 30,000 criminal offenders at time of arrest). Data show that where SiF is in use, criminals are more likely to consume alchohol, and to have used cocaine at time of arrest (as well as confirming that such communities have significantly higher violent crime rates).
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Follow-up epidemiological study of the association between SiF treated water and enhanced child blood lead. This statistical study of 151,225 venous blood lead tests taken from children ages 0-6, living in 105 communities with populations from 15,000 to 75,000 in New York state, shows for every age and racial group a significant association between SiF usage and elevated blood lead.
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Analysis of evidence of neurotransmitter dysfunction due to toxins associated with increased rates of violent crime, with extensive discussion of silicofluoride neurotoxicity as an important instance.

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