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Public Anti - fluoridation Meeting In Dublin, May 6th.

May 3rd 2007

Leading scientist speaks on dosage of fluoride in Irish drinking water and its toxicity. Venue is St John's Hall, Tower Road, Dublin 22. (In Clondalkin village) at 3pm on Sunday 6th May.

Professor Vyvyan Howard of the University of Ulster and a European authority on the toxicity of chemicals, will speak for the first time in Ireland on the scientifically controversial practice of water fluoridation. In addressing the Scientific and Medical Network in Dublin on Sunday 6th May, he will reveal some of the main toxicological risks, in particular as they affect the development of infants and children.

Professor C. Vyvyan Howard. MB. ChB. PhD. FRC Path. is a medically qualified toxico-pathologist and has recently set up a Bio-imaging Research Group in the Centre for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Ulster in Coleraine. His areas of interest include the way in which nanotechnology could create a variety of new and potentially serious health risks.

Dr Howard has written the foreword to Drinking Ourselves to Death? by Barry Groves published in 2001 in Dublin by Gill and Macmillan. This is the leading analysis of the failings of fluoridation policy in Ireland and the UK, the only two EU member states in which it is tolerated.
Dr Howard has regularly advised the European Commission on the toxicity of chemicals in humans. He is a member of the UK Government’s Advisory Committee on Pesticides. Professor Howard is also the President Elect of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE). This body has over 100,000 medical doctors affiliated to it and is recognised by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. He will take up the Presidency of ISDE in June 2007.

Dr Andrew Rynne, founder of Clane General Hospital will demonstrate that fluoridated drinking water is a medicinal product according to the Irish Medicines Board’s own definition of that term. Since it is not licensed by the regulatory authority who defines it as a medicine, it is an illegal product. The fact of the matter is that it could not be licensed because it would fall far short of the Irish Medicines Board’s strict and correct criteria for a medicine’s safety and efficacy.

Dr Rynne will also argue that Irish citizens are supposed to be protected under the Irish Constitution, which promises, inter alia, a right to bodily integrity. The force-feeding of an unspecified dose of an unlicensed medicine on a daily basis is clearly a violation of an individual’s right to that bodily integrity.

Mr Robert Pocock of the environmental group VOICE of Irish Concern for the Environment will outline other policy contradictions of fluoridation including evidence of greatly increased levels of fluoride exposure.
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