Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fluoridation - A Cynical Hoax

For the past few years I have been studying the fluoride debate, hah, even the name fluoride debate is erroneous, as what is commonly used throughout the English-speaking fluoridating community (5% of world population) is actually hydrofluorosilicic acid, a toxic waste from the phosphate fertiliser industry, which, together with various mining, aluminium manufacturing and uranium enriching industries, gains from the millions of dollars saved per year by not having to treat this cocktail of chemicals as hazardous waste, but actually turns another profit by selling it to the US, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Irish governments as the fluoridating agent for public water supplies!

For an excellent review of how the nuclear and aluminium industries spun the deadly toxin fluoride during the 40's and 50's from an accident prone killer of workers to the substance that give kiddies nice shiny teeth, read Christopher Bryson's - The Fluoride Deception. A video interview with this author is available at :

Rather than go into a synopsis of my feelings about this disgusting practice I will instead cut and paste some of my posts and comments to various sites and blogs around the world over the past month or so. My feelings should become obvious. I intend to use this blog as my main method of communication in future. I welcome any scientist who would like to comment, especially those who can refer myself and the reader to a link to actual verifiable research on fluoride-relevant matters - pro or con.

EUES Ireland stands for European Union Environmental Services Ireland and is part of a network of environmental consultants in the UK, France, Holland and Ireland. I would like to make it plain that this blog and its contents are my personal comments & feelings and not necessarily those of the EUES network. Welcome to my space.

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