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1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluoride

2. anything ending in "-ide" is usually the ionic form of a halide (ie the elements in the second column from the right on the periodic table). Examples include, Calcium Chloride, sodium iodide, hydrogen bromide...
4. Hi, I am writing to you from an Irish environmental company, which is involved in the campaign to have fluoride removed from our drinking water in Ireland.Research over the past 30 years indicates that use of fluoride in a public water scheme leads to:7) higher levels of bone cancer in boys, and brittle bones in adults8) lower IQ levels (from 6-12 IQ points has been noted)9) 40% of Irish children have fluorosis (mottling of teeth indicating enamel and related bone changes)10) possible increased incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease (due to fluoride’s propensity to combine with other minerals, mainly lead and aluminium – higher than normal levels of aluminium are recorded in sufferer’s brains, fluoride is retained by the body, usually 50% in adults)11) fluoride displaces iodine in the body – with evidence of associated thyroid problems12) no increase in dental caries where fluoride ceases to be added to drinking waterDon’t forget, Ireland is the ONLY country in Europe to fluoridate by statute, only the UK (10% of pop.) and some cities in Spain (3%) permit the addition of fluoride to drinking water. You would think that being the only European fluoridating country that we would have by far the best caries rating, however, we come SIXTH in the league!We still do not hear the truth about the fluoridation issue from our media. Newburgh (which incidentally used pure sodium fluoride in the trials) has no better dental record 50 years down the line than Kingston, the “control” town that it was compared with. It does, however, have one of the highest heart disease rates in the U.S. “Fluoride concentrates in the arteries, attracting calcium and can contribute directly to their hardening” according to scientists. This high rate of heart disease is shared by Grand Rapids, Michigan, another test town for fluoride in the 1950’s, which doubled its disease rate only 5 years into the trials. And it is shared by Ireland.Everyone, including the pro-fluoride lobby, agrees that fluoride works topically, not systemically. OK, so there is no need to swallow it. So WHY do we put it into the drinking water? It is estimated that the “target” for fluoridation, namely 5 –12 year olds who are forming teeth, consume only 0.01% of the water. Isn’t it better to target them through educational methods and selective treatment, rather than a mass medication of everyone? The “background level” of fluoride in our world is now extremely high. In the 1960’s there was hardly any. In the 2000’s fluoride in toothpaste, food, drinks, and industrial processes is pervasive. Of course, we already brush our teeth with it, but also we eat it, drink it, spray our crops with it, bathe in it, wash our clothes and bed-linen in it, every time we come in contact with something that has used fluoridated tapwater, we add that little bit of fluoride to our bodies. In the 1990’s neurological effects were shown in laboratory animals at 1ppm, which is the level we put into our drinking water! Up until the 1930’s they were trying to get fluoride OUT of water, since then industry has seen to it that what was then a dangerous chemical that caused a number of environmental disasters, was cynically transformed into the essential ingredient for nice shiny teeth! What does it take to open YOUR mind? European Union Environmental Services Ireland
Posted at 7:09AM on Feb 6th 2007 by Brian
5. Personally, I totally agree with Brian White, I, too, have not touched tapwater for 10 years - I use bottled for drinking and Euthymol unfluoridated toothpaste for brushing. Haven't needed a filling in years!

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